History of Mk2 and B2 in China.

Volkswagen’s largest and most loyal market is China - in the 80s and 90s following China’s liberalization, VW was the first car maker to build cross-venture deals with local companies to produce cars in China.


Two models were selected for mass production, the VW Santana (Passat B2) and the big bumper Mk2 Jetta. With their simplicity and solid engineering, the Jetta and Santana took over the Chinese market by storm and created a lasting reputation for VW in the Chinese market.


Unlike European and American markets, where the Mk2 and B2 stopped production in 1992 and 1988, VW produced these two models for more than thirty years, until 2012. A combined 5 million were produced.


Volkswagen's success in China continued with the introduction of China-only models, with newer enthusiast models such as the Mk4 Bora R and Lamando GTS as well as high end luxury sedans such as the Magotan and Phideon. There is even a luxury MPV called the Viloran.