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Trunk / Tailgate Seal - OEM - Mk1 & Mk2 VW

Trunk / Tailgate Seal - OEM - Mk1 & Mk2 VW

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High quality trunk/boot seal for Mk1 Golf, Mk1 Jetta, Mk2 Jetta, Mk1 Scirocco, Mk2 Scirocco, Mk2 Polo.

Updated seal design by FAW-VW, improved quality and fitment over the original 1980s design. 

Length of seal: 4000mm.

Seal requires trimming depending on the model:

Mk1 Golf 3520mm, Mk1 Jetta 3480mm, Mk2 Jetta 3400mm, Mk1 Scirocco 3827mm, Mk2 Scirocco 3807mm, Mk2 Polo Squareback 3470mm, Mk2 Polo Coupe 3850mm, Mk2 Polo Notchback 3230mm.

We recommend matching up the seal to the original item from your vehicle to ensure best fitment.


Vehicle Fitment Mk1 Golf, Mk1 Jetta, Mk2 Jetta, Mk1 Scirocco, Mk2 Scirocco, Mk2 Polo Squareback, Mk2 Polo Coupe, Mk2 Polo Notchback.
Brand OEM
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